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cowbuttcrunchies: An explanation of light rigging and barrel creation for my Ahab’s Crosshairs. The base of the gun is cut from MDF (which as mentioned before is what we use to make pretty much any “hard” props). It’s fairly easy to cut with my jigsaw and sands down wonderfully without being too ridiculously heavy. You DO need power tools to work with it though. Anyway because I knew the gun needed to be hollow on the inside both to create a space for the barrel to insert and because I’d be mounting electronics inside, I used a layering method of thin layers of mdf stacked instead of one really thick piece carved. Similar to some of the layering Volpin Props does for guns. Electronics were bought from Amazon, as was the scope, and the rest was bought from home depot. Some tutorials I used to figure out how to run the LEDs are here, here and here, although I suggest spending a good day or so reading through whatever resources you can to get a good idea. I ended up burning out a handful of LEDs while figuring out voltage, which wasn’t the worst problem in the world but could have been avoided if I wasn’t so lazy. Please please please be careful while soldering; my iron is I think rated for 900 degree f and the solder stunk up the house even with an air filter running. Overall this was a fun project and a nice little challenge, though the finishing was rushed and I’d like to clean up some of the details (paint, strapping).
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