<p>Welcome to my tumblr page where I write my own comic plot stories about my Pokémon trainer characters and more. And I always wrote comic Gift stories for my favorite artists in this website too! And I sometimes draw my characters,but I’m not sure if I’m good at it. So do you think I’m good at drawing or not? Please let me know.And I hope you enjoy this page thank you!😉😃😄😁</p>

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askchubbydiamond: You Anon’s forget just how comfy you are. Yep,comfy as a pillow.🙂😏
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fancifulpotato: more flowey teasing muhahahaha man I love inking the little guy got the Idea in magical-weed-whisperer ‘s lifestream :) Well,Flowey seems to be enjoying the cookie there and I hope it’s chocolate chip too.🙂