I draw fanart of "Stand Still, Stay Silent" and commissions.

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Inktober 12 - gold One thing that always interests me in post-apocalyptic stories is seeing what they replace currency with. SSSS doesn’t develop this aspect much (probably because it’s not so immediately post-world-ending-event as others, so normal life has more or less resumed), but if you try to name a coveted expensive thing in-universe, you’ll likely say old books.
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Inktober day 10 - Tube This is technically cheating, since it’s not the London subway, but Moscow, but sometimes you just have to commit language crimes so you can illustrate some good fanfic while also progressing with Inktober. You should read @onnenlintu‘s Kasvatus series if you’re interested in a tale of chosen family, more character development than canon will probably ever have time for, and wtf is Lalli doing in Moscow.
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Inktober day 5 - close One of the best things in this comic is watching these dorks get closer. It’s been Emil’s doing like 80% of the way, and I think someone owes him at least one bowl of soup. That’s all and please don’t look at all the things I messed up because I needed to finish this in one day and didn’t have time for redraws.
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I decided to jump into SSSS Inktober 3 days late! Did the first two prompts last night, and then another two today. My approach is to avoid going for the first idea I have (or what would be the obvious choice) as much as possible. For “Friend” I went with Emil and Bosse, one of the more underrated friendships/moments of the comic. Also I experimented with style a bunch as I went and settled into something that looks nicer eventually, so look forward to that!
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