Gemini Sun | Pisces Moon <br> <br> Divination Witch <br><br><i> magic is all around us, in everything we do...</i><br><br> I'll reblog a mix of art, Voltron, Homestuck, and witchy things to this blog. I'll also reblog my own art from my art blog. My main fickins are <b>Dave Strider</b>, <b>Dave Lalonde</b><i> (swapped Rose-ways)</i>, <b> Homura Akemi</b>, and <b>Keith Kogane</b>. I'm <i>fallen/angelkin</i> as well.

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occasionallychristina: crowtrobot2001: Wonder Woman proposing to Supergirl in the presence of Darth Vader and his entourage. This is the future liberals want.