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mamimi-07: “Here taste this. Is it good?” Zamir and Purah The fruitbowl u3u Purah belongs to me Zamir belongs to @pommeplisa Purah is cooking and Zamir is reading his books. Their love is infinite and too damn cuteee i cry Art by @pommeplisa please check her out she’s a very dear friend of mine and i loveeeee herrr! No one will ever stop me from drawing these kids
#SWEETIE DARLING I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! #im so sorry i dont talk woth you much but know that you are my dear friend!!!!!
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tacticianwinter: i was super busy before so i never got a chance to doodle other ocs that i thought were SUPA cute (theres a lot tho) i hope you guys dont mind ;-; @expressionlessgold @pommeplisa @felhwanderlustinventor @kantan-kt @random-delights @sakudrew (SORRY MINOR APPEARANCE… i just have to shove sett into everything) If you guys ask me what woke me up THIS WOKE ME UP
#WINTER DJDJSKNX IM CRYING AND YELLING #This is the best thing to see in the morning like #youve blessed my day #my week #the whole year
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I drew some felh ocs I really love,,, I hope it’s ok ;; Kichi’rou and Aurelia belong to @lost-in-thots-all-alone Sett belongs to @sakudrew Ignacio belongs to @lskartcorner Elene belongs to @random-delights Nixie belongs to @kantan-kt
#i love them so much they are beautiful #i want to protect them #i want them to be happy #i want them to know that they are amazing and they deserve hapiness #i do hope i'll draw more ocs bc there are more ocs i love and want to protect and kiss #fire emblem lost heir #felh #fe lost heir
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softiesuggestion: reblog if you want more interaction w your lovely followers Winks Sorry im not so active here my dudes… Reminder that now I’m more lively on tritter (@pommeplisa)
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sakudrew: Annnnd some felh doodles before going to bed o)-( wanted to practice with characters I don’t draw at all/ a lot :3 ~ @random-delights @rainysfatesonas @meredys @pommeplisa @kantan-kt @emyasmina Oh my god OH MY GOD???!!! I was about to go sleep but decided to check felh tag and SAW THIS???? I saw my bby Zamir ngggghhhhhhhh im crying ;;;;;;;: Thank you Saku for drawing my baby boy now I’m blessed and going to have good dreams 🙏🙏🙏
#let me be honest YOU DREW HIM SO GOOD IM LIKE #FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM AGAIN? #i really love the way you drew him i cant stop crying
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mamimi-07: Haven’t posted in a while! But I am open for commissions for anyone who is interested!! Pm for prices!! Paypal only
#signal boost
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pommeplisa: My love How old is this and why don’t I remember making this THIS IS GOLD
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Hello guys! I`m in a really bad situation that I don`t have money AT ALL, so I`m asking for your help again… I updated commission info and added something new~ Contact me on pommeplisa@gmail.com !
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mamimi-07: Purah’s Son Alliam I figured to make a default son for Purah. If she is paired this would be what her child will appear like however the hair color may change based on those the would support with. Again this is an “What if” drawing until further notice. Plus I like experimenting with things like this. Facts about Alliam 1. He’s the son of Purah. His title “Son of Songs” refers to Purah and her talent in singing and playing musical notes. 2. He’s gifted with a singing voice most likely inherited the singing from Purah. 3. Alliam is a mashup of William and Alexander. Has to do with water thoughsince it could be confused as “Allium” 4. He’s a kind hearted and brave boy. He prefers sword fighting than singing. 5. His canon father is Zamir @pommeplisa 6. Dislike sugary foods and prefers hot steamed pork buns. Anyways that’s all I have for now until I can escspe my artblock. ITS THE GOOD BOY I LOVE!!!!!
#he’s so beautiful really #a boy that can kick you while singing #honestly I love him so much #Zamir: *cries in the hand* I love my son
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so i was hoping i`d draw my ladybug villain`s full ref, but i feel really weak last days so here’s quick bad sketch w/ him! His villain name is Alte Rose and he can “summon” and control plants~
#miraculous ladybug #alte rose #oc