Sweet things. Yes. I like the sugary cherry grade A dank buds. Cannabis consumer, grower and supporter of marijuana reform.<a href="https://imgur.com/zO35MPy"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/zO35MPy.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <p> <u>About Me</u> <p> I own a hydroponics supply store that caters to legal medical marijuana growers across the United States. I provide in-depth analysis of top-rated <a href="https://moldresistantstrains.com/top-10-hard-hitting-big-bud-fertilizers/">cannabis fertilizer</a> as well as teach the fundementals of plant nutrition to my clients. If you're interested in learning about the essential nutrients required by plants to grow, I can recommend you to a number of helpful resources for fostering the knowledge required to grow healthy cannabis plants from seed-to-bud. <p> Here's a tip you can take with you - NPK, the basis of all fertilizers. What do they stand for exactly? Well, the N is short for Nitrogen, which is crucial to plants developing fresh new growth. P on the other hand stands for Phosphorus, which is used by cannabis to induce the flowering cycle and produce buds. K then is short for Potassium, key to increasing yields and ensuring stong, dense bud structure in the plants. <p> My nickname is Dracus and please feel free to contact me with any business idea's you've been growing in your mind. I work in the cannabis industry, so I would love to lend a hand of support for up-and-coming leaders of the medical marijuana space.

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