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As promised, here are the details of the Blogilates 30 day thigh challenge. I started this morning and at first I thought it was pretty easy, but now it’s the evening and I can definitely feel that my thigh muscles have been used in ways they normally aren’t. Let’s just say sitting down trying to sit down on the toilet was interesting 😂 I also decided to stop the 4 week healthy eating challenge because I realised it wasn’t really doing anything for me. I already don’t eat the listed foods that much so it didn’t have any effect. I wasn’t craving those foods during the challenge either so I think that shows I’m already doing pretty well. But I don’t want to continue cutting them out completely because it’s just more of an inconvenience to me to not be able to eat convenience food/fast food in an emergency when I’m generally already trying to limit it when I’m not getting anything positive out if the challenge in return.
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My niece shared this challenge yesterday and I decided to join in and do this for June. I really want to be and eat healthier, usually it’s the fast food that gets me in the end because it’s just to convenient to go grab a burger after a long day instead of cooking dinner. Wish me luck that I last longer than a week lol
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swordofbronze: Anyone who struggles with self harm download the app Calm Harm (link here cause mobile’s stupid: It’s definitely out for iOS but no confirmation if there’s an Android version. You can select different types of activities and they count you down for 60 seconds. If the urge hasn’t passed by then, you can switch activities or just repeat the same one until it does. As far as I have used it, they allow as many activities until you click “yes” when it asks if the urge has passed. It logs your urge level, why you experienced the urge, when you usually experience the urge, and your most used list of activities so you can figure out what helps the most. This can be super useful for therapy or even as a form of self-therapy for those who can’t get to a therapist. It also offers general advice and hotlines depending on your location (it’s UK-based but does have some non-UK hotlines). You can also add people to call so they know who to suggest. I haven’t used it to call anyone yet, but it does save the number so I imagine you can call them directly from the app. It’s password-protected and you have to set a memorable word so if you forget your password you can reset it right there. I forgot my password once and it literally only added a few more seconds onto my login time. Best of luck!
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This is a realisation I just had. I’m always afraid, afraid of change, afraid of trying new things. At the same time I am really unhappy with the way my life is right now. I want to change things, but then I get overwhelmed. What if it goes wrong? What if it doesn’t work out? And then I crawl back into my shell. But it just hit me. If it doesn’t work out, nothing will change. Things will be just the same as they are now. It won’t get worse. At the most I will have “wasted“ some time, but actually it won’t be wasted because every attempt to change for the better is a step forward, whether it works out or not.
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chibird: We usually care way too much about the opinions of others, when your own opinion is the one that should matter the most! 💛 Judgmental people will always judge, so If you like yourself and try to be a good person, that’s what really matters. ^^ It’s so freeing when you don’t have to worry about if others like your outfit or a certain way you act. Instagram | Patreon | Webtoon This post appeared on my dash at just the right moment. I’ve just been bullied by random strangers online for no reason at all and came here to vent and try to find something to cheer me up. This did it; it doesn’t matter what those dickwads said, they were probably just bored idiots with nothing to do with their lives. I deleted that app because this is actually the second time this has happened to me on there, now I just have to somehow stop thinking about it. I’ve realised I’m not really hurt because of what they said, but rather because I thought I had finally found a place where I could connect with others and feel a sense of belonging that I so desperately need at the moment and they just ripped that away and made me feel worse than before. I really need to make some friends but obviously that app was the wrong choice for it…
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