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cuddlecuffs: sumrallmind: sumrallmind: zaiteanta: sumrallmind: What Max is saying here is that she wants dinner and a movie first. Is it just me or does it look like Max is hugging the lamp? Something like “Sorry Chloe, I like this lamp more.” M: Look Chloe, I’m not that easy. And I just started dating this lamp. This lamp has been nothing but warm and bright. I’ll continue to support you but we aren’t a thing romantically. C: dude what the fuck If you aren’t shipping Lampfield than I’m not sure why you follow me. So this is where it started…
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theroadnottakenamberprice: HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! Chapter 19 is finished! I think TRNT officially reached the length of “It” by Stephen King (too bad not in quality). Now off to the editors (yes, TWO right now since it’s a monster) and hopefully it will be published soon. It was a hard chapter to write and it will be hard to read. It will probably require a proper trigger warning. Anyway - Chapter 20 will be way more fluffy (yes, I started the next one as well).
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amberpriceavenger: ukrainiandarkbunny: Of course, this was all noticed long ago, but … The symbolism of how Chloe died at the burial site of Rachel is so strong that even without ever watching the relationship of Chloe and Rachel, I already fell in love with them. Probably at that moment I became the shipper of AmberPrice 100%. Me too… They were meant to be together after all.
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