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leafbunnysketchbook: It’s Stream Time! This one will probably be longer since I’m off from work tonight (and thus need to stay up a bit on the late side anyway so I can stay awake for work tomorrow, but not TOO late because I also volunteer at my local cat rescue tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll want to grab some lunch beforehand probably…) Oh who am I kidding, that’s all inferred by the fact that on a normal night I’d be either almost at work or at work waiting in the parking lot until I can clock in. Tonight’s Projects/Goals * Huevember 14 * At Least One (1) YDU update for the now-down-to-one queue * ??? * Profit
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celticpyro: polygon-draws: it’s november already so PADORU PADORU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ascended from the void with holiday decorations] main blog | insta | ko-fi He’s beautiful. ^_^
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