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ohnoafterlaughs: Inspired by @faithcael and @harikaw ‘s photography of their LiS cosplay scenes , this is my piece for the Vortex Zine’s Life is Strange Charity Zine! Thank you so much everybody who bought a copy! The Vortex Zine is a Life is Strange Charity Zine! Profits will be donated to: The JED Foundation exists to protect mental health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults. A super important topic and I am glad that I could help them out by purchasing the Zine ✨ Credits: Postcards: Mistral | @missmuggle | @mintgal | @yahoberries Buttons: @raskopblog Stickers sheet: @kunaike Charms: @erumi-n | @noenoeh Stickers pack: @noenoeh Cover artist: @nathanaelsonn
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artbytesslyn: “The Hanged Man”, my card for the “New Horizon” Overwatch tarot deck. Upright, this card represents restriction, sacrifice, and letting go. Reversed, it represents martyrdom, indecision and delay. We got permission to share our full cards for the @overwatchtarotdeck ! You can preorder it on the kickstarter here; a ton of really talented people are involved, check it out?
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badasspantiestalker: Symbra My OTP! They are so cute together. ;w; They had a mission in venice and Sombra had to make a move.
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