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boku-no-meme-academia: feel like this needs to be said here too.
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siameese: “Chief Zhao, if you have something to ask me, then ask.” “If I ask, will you even answer honestly?” “If it doesn’t go against my principles, then I’ll do my best to answer. I trust that you won’t treat me like a criminal when you do ask, though.” “What a way you’ve conceded in order to gain the advantage! Now, no matter what I ask it’ll be like I’m treating you as a criminal.” […] “I await the day you bring peace back to Dragon City.” “I’ll treat you to lunch as soon as this case’s solved.” “No need. When that time comes, I’ll be taking you out.” “Oh! Well, that works too.”
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lesbianbakura: i was gonna make one of these charts for some fma characters but realized roy could fit into any of these categories
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randomslasher: becausedragonage: People who: a) resent attempts to manipulate them into reblogging a post. b) have no desire to pass that manipulation on to their followers. boom