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astronomy-to-zoology: Cellar Spider (Pholcus phalangioides) Also known as the skull spider or daddy longlegs, the cellar spider is a common species of cellar spider that boasts a worldwide distribution due to humans. However its original population was confined to the western Palearctic. As their common name suggests cellar spiders are synanthropes which means that they live and benefit from humans. And as such cellar spiders are often found in homes and will feed on other spiders, woodlice, and mosquitoes. When threatened cellar spiders will shake their webs in attempts to ward off predators. Unlike what any myths might suggest P.phalangioides venom is in no way medically significant and will only cause mild burning. Phylogeny Animalia-Arthropoda-Arachnida-Araneae-Araneomorphae-Pholcidae-Pholus-phalangioides Image Source(s)
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pumpkin-spice-lattes: 🎃Cozy Autumn Blog👻
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tomiyeee: please appreciate my daughter
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maneljavier: Isabelle - Turns Over a New Leaf Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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