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t-nairex: epicmia14: I need to know…Who is in that car? Will we find out in S3? Is It Daniel? Is it Max’s parents? SOMEONE MAKE THEORIES! NOW! oH HELL YES I KNEW SOMEONE WOULD POINT IT OUT THANK GOD AND TBH I THOUGHT THAT MAX PARENTS WOULD MAYBE DRIVE THERE? LIKE that was my first thought at least. It could also be there to fill in the little gap but… Another theory: It could be just a car with no one important inside so the creators could troll us…
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not-your-average-obsession: rubygirl72: THEY ARE BROTHERS!!! °^° Shit i thought they were sisters This is the best thing ever
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BASTET Qual'è questo? Il suo secondo compleanno? Comunque, ho appena finito questo e spero ti piaccia Alyah ^-^ @anomalyah Wallpaper: -do reblog, do not repost-
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•27.6.17 I did it with my mom (mostly mom) and it is so cute!!! X3 This is the first time for both to do this, it came out good and i’m proud of it What do ya think?
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anomalyah: Ok followers! I’m thinking to make a new comic and this time the danger and the cunning magic comes from the union - which was once divided in half - of Marco and Star’s love. This is their little baby, and valuable magic for the villains. I only need help to choose his name and his favorite toy, which he always carries with him (and will play an important role in the story). To participate you just need to reblog this, and to write the baby’s name and his favorite toy in the reblog! It will be way more easy and organised for me to view the reblog comments listed all together! The nicest ones will be chosen for the comic! Russel, e potrebbe avere un pupazzo a forma di lumaca :1
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•21.3.17 - •22.3.17 Robin, Raven and Cyborg drawings made with a tutorial :D For now I drew just them, maybe I’ll do the others some day tutorial Robin: tutorial Cyborg: tutorial Raven: -Don’t repost, just reblog-
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