☽ ☾ a known and fully realized maximalist and floromancer always surrounding myself with embellishments, gems, color, vending machine toys 'n' knickknacks,and botanical treasures. i've been referred to as an exotic bird. i love being moonstruck. I adore all rabbits, bunnies, and hares- I love them madly. i don't think any sound on this exquisite fragile planet moves me as much as a loon's call at dawn or dusk: "You will hear thunder and remember me, And think: she wanted storms. The rim Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson, And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire." grateful and proud to be a POC, you best believe me. When I'm not at home working on art, it's highly likely you'll find me at a thrift/resale/vintage store, flea market, swap market, or yard/estate/garage sale. :) I'm in a constant state of efflorescence with the blood of my ancestors coursing through my veins. good/ bad witch.this blog includes my artwork. i'm absolutely mad about: Color! real style. apothecaries. grottos. traditional folk garments/textiles from around the world. floromancy. bioluminescence. Art. tarot. Desire. shrines. altars. eccentric granny style. fog. lunacy.fantasy. foraging. tropical goth. Guatemala. jewelry piles. inner worlds.Matryoshka nesting dolls. the way opal and icebergs capture light and colors.symbolism. classical music is a swift transport to past lives.fairy tales, flights of fancy. folk/traditional dress/fashion.petrified wood. la sangre que corre por mis venas.technicolor. folklore. Cocteau Twins & Portishead, flowers, flowers!, golden sunlight, mermaid lagoons. Odilon Redon.fairies. pollen. ouija. hanging pendants from the 16th century. long full eyelashes. gardens. bunnies. folk art.sonnets at sunset. garlands. fairy jewels. a bit of the bizarre. petrichor. sparkling jewels. tormented lovers. the uncanny. lockets. buried treasure. sippin' champagne in the snow. erik satie stirs my spirit. the language of flowers. fridge art. melon soda. my muses: the moon and a dancer named Sergei. fairy food. seahorses. bohemian caravans. Rachmaninov. Debussy. mist. pre-raphaelite lips. most things vintage. carnivals. anthomania. trinkets.yearning. adagio. tide pools. flower petals brushing against flesh. the exotic. the eclectic. transcendence. embellishments. secret gardens. accessories. kitsch. Baudelaire. the mating rituals of animals. literature. emotions in their rawest form. collarbones. poetry. seas of flowers. colors cascading. the season of the witch. fashion. escapism. i am nature's bejeweled bride with an eternal love for New Orleans (strolling down Esplanade Avenue is nothing short of a dreamy experience) and nyc. a bohemian life always. "Lost in the colors of the Atlantide, the colors running into one another without frontiers. Fishes made of velvet, of organdie with lace fangs, made of spangled taffeta, of silks and feathers and whiskers, with lacquered flanks and rock crystal eyes, fishes of withered leather with gooseberry eyes, eyes like the white of egg. Flowers palpitating on stalks like sea-hearts. None of them feeling their own weight, the sea-horse moving like a feather.."

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jimlovesart: Yayoi Kusama - Town HHH, 2004. speaking of yayoi…i recently saw some yayoi inspired polka dot (glitter) mini pumpkins at the dollar store