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killedmilk: i swear to christ if i have to hear one more of you awful fucks utter that word
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metaphoricalicecream: what-the-fuck-is-anime: Oh you think this is funny? You think this is a joke? Funny fucker huh? Humor? This is humorous to you? You think this is a game? え?楽しそうか?冗談だと思う?ゲームだと思う?こいつ、バカだね?笑うな!楽しそうとゆうな!「ネル」じゃないぞ! additionally: raglan t-shirt polo shirt dress shirt cut and sew flannel shirt collared shirt t-shirt sweater and the one I’ve somehow seen in at least 5 different doujinshis for some reason: sheets [images from]
#bnha #izuku midoriya #deku.... bro.... buddy........... there are clothes that would lom good on you #why u gotta wear those......
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nellos12: oh wow i made an info image for them! you can grasp most info from the image buuuut additional details: no nsfw, no gore, can rq any character or pairing (please be specific if you think i don’t know the character(s)), no ocs as it’d be hard with ko-fi’s system! as the image states the canvas size is 1000 x 1000 for every commission, 1 coffee/3 dollars gets you a doodle/a couple of doodles with no color or very limited, 2 coffee/6 dollars gets you a doodle simply colored. it’s preferred that you give a suggestion of what you’d like the character/ship doing but if not i’ll just do what i think would be fun! thanks!
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