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gahdamnpunk: Pitbulls are precious. People who dedicate their lives to hunting them down and killing them deserve to die
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calmingmanatee: [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photograph of a great white shark in open sea, swimming towards the camera and looking at it with one big black eye. TEXT: “You aren’t a disappointment. You are super great and if people get down on you for not being perfect all the time then bite their faces off. You are super great and faces are high in protein. Super great.”] [Image credit to National Geographic]
#motivational #calming manatee
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unclefather: maydei: in like 3 years, new tumblr users are going to blow the dust off this post and be like “who is red shirt guy and what does this mean?”
#american pie
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willowfae82: catsbeaversandducks: Vet Signs Via Bored Panda @silver-89