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jonasgoonface: jonasgoonface: more old moleskin it’s been almost 5 years I gotta get back into sketchbookin
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wizardjpeg: mistressdratha: wizardjpeg: studying for to get my drivers license but its so freacking hard UGH theres so many shapes and rules i swear those wiseguys at the DMV must have been affected by swamp gas when they came up with this crazy garbage :/ last time i went to the DMV they even kicked me out of the building just for playing with my awesome gunmetal zippo flip lighter what hass this world come to you need to know this stuff so you dont get in an accident! you wouldn’t want that. you gotta watch out listen bud the second they let me on that road im pointing the car in the direction of new york freakin city and im blasting the gas and whatever happens happens
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