<p>previously rioludaily but i've kinda decided to just stop... it's weird. Mod posts tag will be "justsayin" and sketch posts will be tagged as "handslips". if you want some explanations for sketch ideas yout can pm me and all these ideas are free to use because i'm never gonna use them. OH btw true to the real me i will cuss! enjoy my drawings and discriptions of them cause i'm gonna try as hard as i can to explain my thinking!</p>

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I got no sleep but not only did I build the walls the whole fucking cube is done and I have the address to mail it to! Four more cubes to go! Luckily they’re less detailed as this one (gold blocks are SOOOOO much simpler)
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angry-weeaboo-rants: dearydeerling: Here’s the first episode on the official channel! هذه الحبقة الأولى على القناة الرسمية بالعربية الفصحى: WE INTERRUPT OUR REGULAR SCHEDULED POSTING IN ORDER TO GIVE YOU THIS Guys, go support this series. It’s very new, there’s only one episode so far, it’s only 11 minutes, but it’s amazing. The animation is nice, the art style is very fun, there are two different dubs, yes two, one in English and one in Arabic (I think, if I’m wrong, correct me IMMEDIATELY, I only speak English). Both versions have subtitles, too! The them esong is very catchy and fun, their ability to give us more information with just smaller details is pretty great, everything about it is just SO DANG COOL. They need more love, go check it out. It gives off some nice magical girl vibes. I watched the first episode and it’s really good! Recommended!
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My profile picture is the girl I was when I met Lulu… She gave up a lot to spend all her time with him… I still don’t know how she survived for so long… She had no job and still lived alone in her own house…I wonder
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theonlycampix: pureplaystation: Sypro Reignited Trilogy | Screenshots FUCK I DON’T HAVE A PS4 OR XBOX 1 PLEASE KILL ME NOR DO I CAMPIX LETS DIE TOGETHER!