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thehappysunflower88: The life in the dorms will be fun, they said… Baku, Kiri (and the extras) #5 More comics: ♥ Kiribaku week - ♥ Baku, Kiri & the extras - ♥ Blasty and Hardy - ♥The Bakugous My AUS: ♠ HOOTERS AU - ♠ GANGSTERS AU NSFW COMICS: ♦ “Can´t sleep” - ♦ “Stronger together” - Commissions info - Buy me a Ko-fi?
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thebrainofalbertwily: kayciedumb: Hello, I’m starting a compilation of my favorite moments of Aoyama staring directly into the camera. Shall I add some of my favorites?
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idknomoreos: woolahoop: dissociacetion: Key Terms: cis: a term for trans and nonbinary people to use to describe people who are not trans or nonbinary perisex: a term for intersex people to use to describe people who are not intersex; previously known as dyadic straight: a term to describe someone who is a heteroromantic heterosexual alloromantic: a term for aromantics to use to describe people who are not aromantic allosexual: a term for asexuals to use to describe people who are not asexual monosexism: belief that everyone is only attracted to one sex or gender (i.e. heterosexuality or homosexuality); has nothing to do with polyamory/polygamy (that’s monogamy) exorsexism: belief that everyone falls on the gender binary and is either wholly, exclusively male or wholly, exclusively female binarism: belief that sex and gender are two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine (subset of colonialism, not a term for white people to use) ~*~ This is hardly an extensive list of all the terms, especially where gender is concerned, but I wanted to try my hand at making a list of common terms and labels for general use. Edit: fixed bisexual definition, may add new Queer flag. Oh my god I’ve never seen such an amazing and inclusive list before reblog this people because it’s gold Man I wish I’d seen this when I was figuring out my sexuality
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greenhouse-nurse: lord-of-the-edge: imabookworm31: tonys-snark: soldier-out-of-time: captainamericasbiggestfan: soldier-out-of-time: captainamericasbiggestfan: soldier-out-of-time: captainamericasbiggestfan: soldier-out-of-time: to-see-floating-lanterns-gleam: soldier-out-of-time: ask-the-mockingbird: AYE AYE CAPTAIN! AYE AYE CAPTAIN! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! CAP-TAIN ROG-ERS! [x] Is this gonna be a thing every 4th of July ? This is the one thing I’m posting about 4th of july Im also scheduling this for every 4th of July.
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