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thefingerfuckingfemalefury: kylehasatumblr: eggplantusiv: probablychaoticgoodrpgideas: definitelybeholderrpgideas: probablygreenrpgideas: constantlyonfirerpgideas: probablyspacerpgideas: teenagerposts: chipthepunk: littleblackmariah: kingfisherfaker: gailsimone: morenamagia: equiusinamaidoutfit: eridanamporass: p41g3r4nk1n: listenforthesteel: Some assholes have been putting nails in cheese and treats in dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts. Also adding antifreeze to water bowls. Please watch out for your dogs. And if you find out the address of someone doing this, give me the address and tell no one. I will disembowel them. Antifreeze is fucking deadly as shit. Whilst my mom worked in the vets office the neighbor of a cat owner had become sick of his neighbors tom spraying by his house so he left antifreeze out for the cat. Animals are weirdly attracted to the smell and will drink it. The cat was given to the vets and for 2 days it’s insides were slowly dissolved by the acids and it bled from his nose, mouth and even eyes. On the second day, the vet not being able to help and refusing to let the cat suffer any longer put the cat down. The neighbor who did not deny his crimes didn’t even offer to pay the woman’s vet bill. SO THE BIGGEST FUCKING SIGNAL BOOST TO THIS POST. Fuck who ever is doing this. They can fucking burn. my friend had a cat and it drank antifreeze that was puddled in the driveway and one day they were knitting and it just vomited up all of its internal organs and fell over dead on her lap. The perpetrators of all of this will burn in Hell. A neighbor of mine threw a ball of hamburger full of rat poison pellets over our fence for my son’s dog. He survived, barely, but has had nerve damage ever since. Okay, listen up, if your pet drinks antifreeze, do you know what the cure is? Alcohol. That’s right. To save your furry little friend you have to get them drunk out of their faces. Antifreeze is an inhibitor and stops your enzymes from working, but luckily alcohol stops that from happening. I learned this from my A Level Biology lessons, but here’s a source anyway Shit this is important SIGNAL BOOST THIS THANK YOU ALICE BOOST. FUCKING BOOST. ALWAYS REBLOG not blog related, but I’m not an asshole S I G N A L B O O S T keep your animal friends safe. Even a Beholder wouldn’t do this. Signal Boost I would not hesitate to drop anyone who would do this into the earth, s i g n a l b o o s t Signal boost This applies to humans, too. The first choice is fomepizole, but a lot of vets don’t keep it in stock. Barring that, clear alcohols like vodka or everclear are a standard treatment for methanol or ethylene glycol poisoning :( keep your smol and furry friends safe
#important #keep your pets safe
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talkgentlytome: Tag yourself I’m the “Overdressed and Underappreciated”. Artist :
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witch-with-a-dick: jointphotographicexportsgroup: 6x10wilson: Anyone else want a very butch girlfriend who’ll protect you like a Fabergé egg? reblog for the universe to send you a very butch girlfriend who’ll protect you like a Fabergé egg i wish i had a girlfriend
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thingsiwanttheworldtoknow: Your special interest is not dumb, boring or childish. It is real and it is yours. Don’t be ashamed of what you love.
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kyller-biis: merodygirl: angelbabyspice: the-lowz-of-highz: courtanna: espikvlt: taigas-den: k9kesi: sidneystrange: indirispeaks: itsalburton: weavemama: PLEASE BE CAREFUL FOR ANYONE WHO USES “BLUEBUFFALO” FOR THEIR DOGS!! @k9kesi And cats. Blue Buffalo killed @sidneystrange ‘s cat. THIS THIS THIS!! I’ve been telling everyone I know for YEARS not to buy Blue Buffalo. This is the short story: A few years ago I took my sick cat, Ankh, to the vet. The vet and vet tech asked what I fed her. I told them Blue Buffalo. They looked like I had just told them I fed her razor blades and cyanide. They diagnosed her with pancreatitis and said that nearly all of the cats they’d been seeing lately with pancreatitis were being fed Blue Buffalo. They gave her medicine and sent her home. Two days later she had a seizure and died right in my arms. The day after she died Hannibal started displaying the same symptoms she had so I panicked hard and took him to the vet. Got the same meds and the same diagnosis. Luckily Hannibal survived. I wish Ankh had survived. She was only ten and the best cat I’ve ever had. Literally the best and five years later I still cry when I think about her. FUCK BLUE BUFFALO. I don’t know the full story behind the tweets above, but a Google search shows there HAVE been several recalls regarding this brand, especially in 2016. I would absolutely avoid as it is not worth the risk. @ladycyon Good god thank you so much for sharing this because I’ve lately been considering switching to this brand cus it’s supposed to be so much better than all the others but good god what the hell. I worked in a vet for a little while and I shit you not, when a dog came in with constant diarrhea they were always eating Blue Buffalo. We changed the food and the dog got better every time. Blue Buffalo is garbage food and never feed it to your pets. I’ve never heard of this brand but I love my dog with all of my heart and I’d be broken if I ever accidently fed her this and got her sick (people give me different dog food to try all the time). I’d hate for anyone else to lose their pet also. um?? what the fuck? holy FUCK my boyfriend and I were just about to start feeding our cat blue buffalo omg Wft really?? Im never going to buy that killer food!! Praying for your pets! I’m so glad I know this, I’d be heartbroken if my dog died
#important #please keep your pets safe dont feed them this trash
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phoenixface: if you watch this video to the end the fbi initiates a drone strike on your house
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neminine: iwishicouldtalkgood: beenthiswaysincedayone: seasons-in-hell: “The secrets do not know you. Prepare: they’ll whisper you your fate.” Just a little bored morbid here. What’s yours? The crystals cannot reach you. Sleep well. They, too, have teeth. Your enemies plot revenge. Repent. They too, have teeth. The obelisks are not what they seem. Repent: they’ll whisper you your fate. Your teeth are gone when you look away. Prepare: They, too, have teeth.
#what is with me and teeth