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myobscurityworld: “i want to drink moonlight and bathe in the flower petals,to wear the earth,sleep in streams and taste the stars..” N.Limmen Marco Castelli photographer @my_obscurity feed on Instagram #dark #inkedgirl #tattoogirl #black #macabre#doll #metalhead #shadow #blackmoon#
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Well, this looks awkward. She is waiting for the friends to finish filing in.
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omgbobby46: nameissuzy: I found I had lipstick on and not much else…, If you like reblog, if you like check out my Archive, if you like please follow my blog. Thank you.
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submissivefeminist: CHILDREN (UNDER 18) ARE NOT WELCOME HERE I’m really sick of going through the first few pages of followers and having to block a handful of people for being under eighteen. This is an adult blog. This blog is not meant for children. If you are 14 years old, you are not welcome here. If you are 16 years old, you are not welcome here. If you’re 17 years and 11 months old, you are not welcome here. If you are under 18 at all, you are not welcome here. THIS IS NOT A SPACE FOR YOU. It is illegal for you to view this page and I am personally uncomfortable with minors following me. Please leave and don’t return until you’re of legal age to view pornographic material (18).
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beatnikdaddio: the ex-girlfriends’ club meets at the park every tuesday. workshops on car-keying and drunken/cussing/crying 3am phone calls are offered monthly. The Sluts’ Picnic