<p> Ash/20/5'2</p><p>SW: 206</p><p>CW: 205</p><p>GW 1: 185</p><p>GW 2: 170</p><p>GW 3: 150</p><p>UGW: 110</p>

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mysmall-world: Tastes so good to me! Tastes like apples with cinnamon on it. I put a bit of lemon juice and honey in mine.
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demonichellfire: 💋 Hello queens 😍 have you binged? No worries, Some more calories than you planned is no big deal, you won’t gain 15 pounds over night. In fact, it could even help You! If you’ve been restricting for awhile and plateaued, the extra calories will boost your metabolism and with the snap of your fingers you’ll start loosing weight again. Even if you didn’t plateau you still deserve a treat. You’ve been trying so hard and I admire you for that, I’m so proud! One little slip up won’t ruin everything you’ve worked for. 💋 But remember just because you binged today doesn’t mean you should binge again tomorrow! It adds up quickly and could become a habit. We don’t want that now do we? 💋 So remember hunny, you may feel like you messed up today, but the world isn’t going to end. Just make sure to get back on track tomorrow and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. 💕