Just another blog of a teenager trying to show his amateur art, thoughts and random shit, my art is bad but it means a lot to me--- Brazilian / male / 17 / Kuvshinov Ilya's fan / Gorillaz fan/ single, 'cause my ex was a bitch

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Well…. First of all, this makeup is amazing omg, second I really hope you get better, I don’t want to see another star go out
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jugglingreenoodles: thehighpriestofreverseracism: socialpsychopathblr: Theresa Fractale I legit gasped hAve you ever seen someone so beautiful that you almost start crying
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amaryllisdawn: digg: ART IS DOPE The artist’s name is Garip Ay. He is Turkish. The art style’s name is “ebru”. When you make “ebru” art you always start with a water canvas. Here is more info about ebru. Here’s his youtube.
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halfwayriight: BECOME THE TOMB RAIDER Well… Wow…
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kainhurst: First look at Fallout: 76. Me: OMG ALL THIS SHIT LOOKS SO FUCKING AMAZING Also me: Plz don’t disable the mod port, plz don’t be a multiplayer game, plz don’t make me pay for shitty DLCs, plz disable the creation club
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