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cosmic-philanthropy: bigbossqueenpoison: marcys-mareep: does this mean finn’s backpack is red to him, and BMO is red too? Is the treehouse red to him?? Fin is Red Green color blind, most people who are red green color blind are white males. (via) I was wondering why all the comparison pictures were the same, then I remembered I’m colourblind…
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abluestitchintime: I saw the best thing on twitter today and no one else is freaking? Ok Can I just pretend this is canon?? Because YES to this headcanon. Source/art - Director at Disney Animation 。.:*•* 。. *•*:*。.:*•* Story Supervisor of Frozen & Big Hero 6* 。.:*• Retweet/
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skyrim-hates-her: howtobangyourmonster: celestialkiri: thekingofpickles: copics-n-ink: threshie: frostedpuffs: iM???? kkshd;bgdjsmmsnd;sn; An orc wrote this. An orc who knows how to treat a lady @celestialkiri Kevin knows how to win a girls heart.
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comicsbyxan: I used to imagine that polyamory would be stressful. Turns out I was wrong and it’s pretty great, which is good because the second panel is not an exaggeration: I have a crush on every one of my friends.
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