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thesadghostclub: Some recalibration is often needed, and often overlooked. Take a moment, be kind to yourself. Shop / About Us / FAQ’s / Comics / Archive / Subscribe / Theme
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vestais: I have been working on this comic “Undergrowth” for the past month and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you!! This is the reason I haven’t been posting as much art on tumblr. I was very inspired by people who depict personal growth as a potted plant, and I wanted to do my own take on that idea: I think of it more as an entire forest or ecosystem within a person. I hope reading this will inspire you to keep improving as a person even though it’s a process that is so difficult and convoluted. [commission] [ko-fi] [Please do not repost my work!]
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positive-memes: wholesome sun and moon
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phantastrophe: Kīlauea, Hawaii | Photographer: Terence Lee
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theactualcluegirl: claricechiarasorcha: meggannn: how can ppl say cats are heartless tbh I once stayed at a game reserve in South Africa, and they had three cheetahs – two males and one female. The boys stuck together (they were brothers), but female cheetahs are solitary, save for when they are raising cubs. Which is hard work for cheetahs, because they don’t/can’t den, she’s working constantly to protect/move her cubs, as well as feeding both them and herself. Now, these cheetahs ARE in a private reserve, but they’re still essentially wild. But they are more or less accustomed to the presence of people. And this cheetah, Ketswiri, got very badly injured in her leg one time, which usually would be fatal to a cheetah. The staff at the reserve helped her. Another time, she was starving, and they provided her a fresh antelope carcass. And she remembered this, because the science officer was telling us how one time he was watching Ketswiri and her cubs, and she wandered over and dumped all her cubs at his feet, and walked off. Like “watch my kids, I need some me time.” And he was panicking like COME BACK I CAN’T BABYSIT YOUR KIDS WTF And this, children, is how cats literally domesticated themselves.
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gahdamnpunk: Tbh we should get rid of the electoral college
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cryingmanlytears: Kakariko Village I did Hateno Village’s goddess altar this time. To be honest, it took me a few minutes to even find it, tucked away in someone’s yard and a little neglected. Not sure why I keep doing them at night. Maybe cause the sparkles show up better haha.
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violentwavesofemotion: Stéphane Mallarmé, from Collected Poems and Other Verse; “The Nurse and Herodias,” (x)
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squided: tlitookilakin: engineer-pearl0: tastefullyoffensive: “Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and under the 1949 Geneva Conventions it is a war crime.” Wait it’s a fucking WAR CRIME?!?! I mean that might not be 100% accurate but now I gotta know holy crap, collective punishment is a war crime. and according to the exact legal phrasing- No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited. This technically counts, as students are civilians, and thus considered a “protected person”. So yes, collective classroom punishment breaks the fourth Geneva Convention, and she should be rewarded for standing up for human rights and doing her research. Power-move: accuse your teacher of a war crime using knowledge they supplied you with
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mind-ovrmatter: maneth985: prodigiousreblogger: cumberbabe-usa: paintedcowboy: poweredbydiesel: to-dance-beneath-the-diamond-sky: to-dance-beneath-the-diamond-sky: to-dance-beneath-the-diamond-sky: jadorexjaii: azariathegoat: finessesurmic: ohmygodjamal: archive-of-gorgeousness: Amazing! An angel It’s beautiful how people with autism are typically so much more spatially advanced…my little cousin has memorized all the freeway systems in California and he’s like 9 From memory…. Let that sink in…I barely remember myself WHAT omfg that’s so amazing! Omg I watched this documentary years ago and I was just completely floored! This guy is beyond amazing! What no one mentioned is that this drawing is unbelievably accurate and proportionally to scale. He has the exact number of windows, floors, doors, etc on each building. And someone measured it and everything was to scale and geographically correct. On all of his drawings he has the exact number right even from just looking at a building for two minutes. What’s even more amazing is that he used to be almost completely nonverbal and through his art he’s been able to become completely independent and self-sufficient and is now a successful artist who owns his own gallery where he sells his drawings and people come from all over to buy his art. He is fully verbal and communicative and most people who meet him don’t even realize that he has autism. This dude is literally the coolest most incredible guy ever! Oh and I forgot to add that he did this drawing in under five days (it might have even been three days but I can’t remember)! Here are a few of his drawings Like I said, this dude is fucking amazing. @paintedcowboy I had seen the top part of this post, but not the rest of his work. Thank you. Whoa, amazing Reblogging because he’s awesome!!! never seen the rest of it omg the London ones are gorgeous! Absolutely stunning 🙌🏾😍