I'm Samantha Shelton, I'm 18, and I live in the US. I'm also an autistic bisexual with shitty tastes in media and entertainment. I am amused by many different videogames, anime, cartoons, shitty webcomics, and manga. Sometimes I like to draw, make pixelart, or make 3D renders.

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naamahdarling: the-real-seebs: downtroddendeity: Today in “the sentiment is a good one but under the circumstances the punctuation could potentially cause confusion”: just to clarify, the story in question does not, repeat, does not involve a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and HP Lovecraft. well not with THAT attitude it doesn’t I mean, if you WANT it to have meant that….there’s always…fanfiction.
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pagewoman: Cat Amongst Autumn Berries ☆ by Warren Photographic