This is the Thacker Strength Project. This tumblr is a place to find strength and direction like we often look for in life. You might also find some interesting art here and there and some of my crazy life.

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gymaaholic: They will tell you it’s impossible Because they haven’t done it. Show them the power of dedication.
Posted: 63.2 hours ago
msmaarvel: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announces Ms. Marvel series for Disney Plus.
Posted: 824.0 hours ago
marvelladiesdaily: I try to kill you, serveral times. But eventually, we become friends. We become sisters.
Posted: 874.9 hours ago
guardiansofthegalaxi: and even though they’re gone now, I’m still trying to be better.
Posted: 1302.0 hours ago
‪Sorry tribe. Yesterday was horrible. A new episode of #HennyWithKeni will be out today! ‬