This is an 18+ blog only.Im Thalius, 25 from southwales(UK). And in an open relationship.These are the random fantasies that turn me on and/or that I wanna do with my partner and/or fuckbuddies. <a href="">Me</a>/<a href="">Submit</a>/<a href="">Ask Me Anything</a>

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open-hole: drip-drip-drip-drip: vae-victo-homo: mexicanjesuschrist: skdf945kllsfdf0: I, honestly, am SHOOKETH to see this. They have a youtube channel, Lorenzo and Pedro. I saw like several of their videos and they are the cutest couple but I’d never imagine to come across this out of the blue, lmaoooo Apparently a YouTube couple? Regardless super hot. love. XXX 😈 Open butt hole (@OppositeProblem) | Twitter
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iblamealex: “When Dean first met Brando, in 1949, he told him he was ‘his biggest fan’ and the two kissed” (x)