Sola (she/her). I blog about Leagues and Legends (aka Beanstalk) by E. Jade Lomax. I have lots of feelings about platonic soulmates, Red and Leaf, Sez and Sally-Anne, S. Grey, and Laney Jones. If I'm not tagging (triggers or anything else you want tagged) correctly or not sourcing something correctly, please let me know!

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may10baby: maxs-rockatanskys: ink-splotch: Beanstalk Book One of the Leagues and Legends series A backwoods nobody with a heart of gold and a knack for making friends in unlikely places, Jack Farris isn’t who anyone expects to become the next legendary hero– but wait. No. Heart of gold. Unknown and underestimated. Seventh son of a seventh son. An underdog teaming up with a ragtag band of misfits… No, this sounds exactly like a hero’s story. Except Jack Farris isn’t a hero. He’s a young man, fallible and scarred, a bit too loyal and rather too tall. His world might be a hero’s, but he and his friends simply have to live in it. Free ebook here. Buy a physical copy here. This is seriously one of the best things I’ve read in a while. Read it!! So the story of why I’m suggesting this book to you my lovely followers is because a few days ago rennskye started texting me like madly like “YOU NEED TO READ THIS I HAVE MUSES THAT MUST WRITE” like my home skillet was sending me screenshots of this book text because my internet was out and I was like “HOLD ON. LET ME GET TO THIS OKAY CHILL ILU” and I start reading the book like “huh, this is pretty alright I can get behind this” AND THEN THE AUTHOR INTRODUCES ME TO RED WHO IS A CUTIE PATOOTIE AND DESCRIBES FRIES IN A WAY THAT MAKES ME CRAVE THEM (like no seriously imma go to Five Guys tomorrow morning and buy that shit because I have starving for some decent fries with vinegar like do you get me) AND THEN PULLS OUT A PLOT TWIST ABOUT RENN’S NERDY LITTLE BOOKWORM AND I’M LIKE “are you serious you fucking nerd” AND IT’S LIKE BY THE END I WAS LIKE “I feel so bad for not paying for this book. What am I doing with my life.” But yeah, go download this FREE E-BOOK read this book and then join me in waiting for the sequel @.@
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ink-splotch: swevenzre: Echoes of a Giantkiller came out like a week ago (read it and the first book in the series here!) and I’m still in love with the series. I didn’t want to finish the book TOO quickly so I thought I’d take a break and draw my favourite character; Laney Jones. This is her in her mid-twenties or so and she’s been running around with her League for a few years. I actually imagine her a fair bit darker than this and with more scars but that gold backlight was so challenging and it ended up taking a lot of my focus. *dreamy sigh* she’s so amazing THIS IS SPECTACULAR
#how have i not reblogged this before #leagues and legends #jack is a beanstalk #echoes of a giantkiller #beanstalk #laney jones #beanst art #THE BACKLIGHT IS GORGEOUS #HER BADGE AND HER ARMOR #LOOK AT THAT HAIR LOOK AT THAT LOOK SHE WILL HECK YOU UP #she's so amazing and you are so amazing op
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The academic discussion behind them had devolved into some nasty language. Laney called over her shoulder, “You come from different cultural sub-regions, it’s alright. Pocket pies and crumbles are equally valid.” “Pies are better,” muttered Grey. – “Chapter Thirty-Six. Drinks with Old Friends” from Echoes of a Giantkiller by E. Jade Lomax Here’s my weigh-in on the blueberry discourse of beanstalk-dom! Haven’t made crumble yet, but please have some (large, wallet-sized, also had some blowouts so probably not suitable for pockets) pocket pies with blueberry filling! (I did burn them a bit, oops, so I’m glad I made extra blueberry filling and just ate some of it with some whipped cream on top while I was waiting for the pocket pies to bake.) I hope Grey is mollified.
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thats-the-moon-grey: “Grey’s mountain-born, actually,” said Jack. “But yes, thank you. Ooh. Snow cookies! I haven’t had those in two years.” He fell on the tray in a fit of nostalgia and hunger. Powdered sugar flew. “Thank you for feeding us,” said Rupert politely, taking a bun. “Jack’s done a lot for me, over the years. He’s family. And you’re staying tonight, too, not just being fed, if you didn’t know,” Bea added. – “Chapter Eight. Count the Lies.” from Echoes of a Giantkiller by E. Jade Lomax After @goonlalagoon exposed me to the reality of snow cookies that actually look like snowballs, I had to make Bea’s baked goods somehow! I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate so I actually made them green instead (with pandan, which is a South and Southeast Asian flavoring that also happens to be a childhood thing for me—pandan waffles are a big thing in Vietnamese bakeries in Little Saigon—so I figured fair game, especially since the Mountains are [East] Asian coded). The white ones are just tossed in powdered sugar both before and after baking so they’re thoroughly coated in goodness. Bonus: my workstation Keep reading Aaaaaa sorry here is the recipe I use! It’s meant for blue hanukkah crinkles, so I skip food coloring and vanilla and add pandan but kind of by eye (because green).
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“Yeah, ” said Bart, after a swallowed mouthful of fry. “It’s one of ours— well, was. We found out about the Things in the Darkness infestation because the couple fellows who were bunking there got et.” He paused, looking at his fourth fry like he might have forgotten how good deep-fried potatoes actually tasted.” – “Chapter Six. Study Buddies.” from Beanstalk by E. Jade Lomax Clockwise from the top right, the sauces are dark Chinese vinegar (in the blue sauce bowl), Thai sweet chili sauce, hoisin sauce, garlicky dijon mustard, and plain ketchup. The hoisin sauce isn’t exactly fishy, but it hits the dark and glutinous parts of that description and I’d totally recommend it with fries!
#my family still liked plain ketchup the best and the vinegar didn't quite pan out - i think the british type of vinegar is different? #100/10 recommend thai chili sauce and/or hoisin sauce though #great beanstalk bake off #leagues and legends #remember the dust #beanstalk #food #food of beanstalk #Sally-anne #jack farris #bart saito #sola said