Sola (she/her). I blog about Leagues and Legends (aka Beanstalk) by E. Jade Lomax. I have lots of feelings about platonic soulmates, Red and Leaf, Sez and Sally-Anne, S. Grey, and Laney Jones. If I'm not tagging (triggers or anything else you want tagged) correctly or not sourcing something correctly, please let me know!

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soundofez: Brighter than the muddied cracks encased in their pair of crystals, a split opened in the air, looking out (or in) at something other than the air behind it. Through the gaping, impossible hole, the Elsewhere glowed. […] Laney drew out a handful of gold fire, then began to pinch and weave the cut closed while her other hand juggled her stolen patch of magic. — E. Jade Lomax, Beanstalk heck dang this is beautiful? the flickering light, the sketches of Laney, the stairs???
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raiseafuckingglass: Young Jack still with his luck- not that he knows it yet. “Luck. Bad things just… roll off you, Jack. Haven’t you noticed? (…) The world loves you, Jack. It keeps you whole.” @ink-splotch thats-the-moon-grey holy crap holy crap holy crap this is beautiful, I love Jack’s pose so much? As Elaine would say, it’s just the perfect shade of yellow too.
#jack farris #spoilers for beanstalk #beanstalk #leagues and legends #beanst art
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blackandbrownlove: This photoshoot is dedicated to all the South Asian women out there who are often underrepresented in media simply because the color of their skin doesn’t fit South Asia’s unreasonable, fair&lovely, Eurocentric beauty standards. As we all know, colorism is a huge problem in India and Pakistan. Our society has come to the point where people talk about fighting oppression and uplifting women, but no one actually does anything about it. With this photoshoot I wanted to help represent darker skinned girls in the media, and address the issue through fashion photography. ~ @simrahfarrukh Models: @anitakalathara x @mayachakra x @stumma x @rushikaaaa x @nidbandra
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