Welcome ye, my good folk! Come, pull yerselves up a seat, partake ye in a good tankard of cider, and I'll regale ye ye all with the fair and rousing tale of a brave and honorable band of young mares (AND their doughty friends!) who, after many trials...

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Like I said, these are roughs from my MLP Anthro AU fic, “The Ancient Elemnts of Harmony”, and are, as you can see, pics of Rainbow Dash, my MLP OC, Whitewolf Stormrunner (“Wolf”, for short) and Applejack, so, obviously, they AREN’T the finished artworks. Also, I had to use the camera on my cell (smart?) phone to capture these, so, obviously, they’re a bit on the slightly blurry, somewhat darkish side. (And I took these outside in full sunlight, too. Go figure.) Anyway, I figured that, after all my posts saying that I was hoing to have some stuff up here soon, that it was time to quit “talking” and deliver. So, here’s some of my (very) humble artwork. I hope that y'all like them. Enjoy.