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immaculatekai: Mos Def vs Lupe Fiasco Battle Rap = The Greatest Disappointment of 2015 When I heard Mos Def backpedal and completely chicken out on battling Lupe Fiasco it was a HUGE Disappointment. Lupe Fiasco had Mos straight scared! Mos Def started something then backed out OUCH! Be careful what you say to people. Growing up listening to both these rappers was like a dream come true. But many in the hip hop community who appreciate real hip hop could only shake their heads that this didn’t happen. The crazy thing is as great as Mos Def is he wouldn’t have won the battle. But it didn’t matter because it would be fun to watch. *The problem with Mos Def in regards to the art of BATTLE Rap is he has complex and introspective lyrics but he lacks the wordplay that Lupe Fiasco has been submerged in since his existence. Lupe Fiasco is not just a great rap artists but a word smith both witty and clever. You have to be able to think quickly on your feet, or if your Eminem have a compete demented state of mind, and lastly be witty and clever. Battle rap is a different animal. “Y’all small change Get eagles to the backs of your heads like quarters You know right under the clothes Gun with the rubber grip And I ain’t going nowhere Imma be right there under your nose like upper lips So say something the ambulance ain’t runnin’ And Batman ain’t coming I guess its just your ass hey cousin” - Lupe “Get slugs in your mouth and I ain’t talkin gold fronts” - Lupe “Niggas don’t believe they can bleed or bruise Thats why solo niggas always leave in twos Weed and booze will have niggas leaking from wounds Ain’t no coming back home mom’s leasing your room Niggas will lose the grins when its Lupe and friends In the orange juice timbs and the foreign coupe that swims” - Lupe
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