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warriormale: positive-memes: This badass dad’s response to Disney haters This dad takes his job seriously…. In the end its the time you spend with your kids and what they will remember about that time spent with their dad. You’re only a kid once and it doesn’t last long. This dad cares! WarriorMale
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moldy-junk: whatisthisidont-even: vaspider: prideprejudce: so i know that fyre festival is now mostly seen as funny meme of rich kids being scammed but please don’t forget that billy mcfarland hired 200+ Bahamian locals to work grueling hours day and night on the island for weeks with completely unrealistic expectations for this festival and in the end abandoned the island and ran home without paying any of them so in all seriousness, billy mcfarland is a monster needs to like…….go to jail Fortunately, he did go to jail. GOOD The lady in the screenshots is Maryann Rolle and here’s where you can help her out: Click here to support Exuma Point- Fyre Fest Fiasco organized by Maryann Rolle
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imfemalewarrior: lancrebitch: alittlelostsputnik: tinyratfeet: aquasplendens: themakeupwitch: ask-a-zebra: Having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome sometimes feels about the equivalent of being composed of jello and wet spaghetti. Nothing stays where its supposed to. Literally every single cell in the body is floppy, so fingers are definitely an issue for many of us. I can almost guarantee that for the majority of us, writing is not only slow and painful but nearly impossible at times. FIne motor skills? What even are those? An EDSer surely doesn’t have any of those. Even typing which is far easier than writing, is painful and daunting at times. But last year I joined the population of shiny zebras by getting fitted for a set of Silver Rings Splints and they are beyond magical. For those of you who have not heard of The Silver Ring Splint Company, they are a company that custom makes finger splints that look like elegant pieces of jewelry. Don’t believe me? Well I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve received for them. Nobody even suspects that they might possibly be medical. But more importantly, they work amazing! I still have hand pain and finger dislocations when performing fine motor skills and writing is definitely not something I look forward to but I have saved myself thousands of painful dislocations, I can open doors easier, type faster, write longer and hold objects in my hands without looking like an alien from a sic-fi movie. With the rings on my fingers actually look like fingers rather than tentacles! The company is also family owned and the people are so sweet and helpful! If you are having trouble with hand pain, clumsiness and dislocations please check out this amazing company! I’m literally crying right now. I will be able to use my hands!!! As it stands I can’t do dishes, hold things, write, hold books, type, without pain or dislocation. Oh my gosh. This is a miracle. @peaceypanic those are gorgeous and that is amazing how well they’re working! signal boost! I love these things. I use one for my thumb because due to arthritis I have very little strength/support in the joint and therefore often can’t do anything. My splint makes it possible for me to do my job, do the shit i need to do and not have as bad of pain. these are so cool omg the first ehlers danlos post I’ve seen, this makes me happy! I know people following me have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so here you go! I hope this helps you. -FemaleWarrior
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rum-on-fire: hells-finest-gentleman: sweetmauleymalloy: agent-yolk: I’m back on making wholesome, friend-loving memes YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE B A B E @acebuckybarnes @thelittleredheadedmusician
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glitter-pear: curiousobsession101: the-spooky-birdy: liberscaryrynn: superbuzzwheeze-unsolved: vrabia: ayniasaubade: philosophy-and-coffee: the-multiverse: iliveforthefantasy: panda2296: musingsofaramblerrr: Hello? Little human? Okay I kiss you now. Fun fact: the cat is checking the baby’s mouth to see if it is still breathing. Were it not breathing, the cat would commence to eat it. FUN FACT Omfg That’s just blatantly untrue. While cats have been known to eat human corpses, it’s generally only when they’re starving and have no other food source. Seriously, quit demonizing cats. Nose touches (as you see here) are a cats way of saying hello. It’s a friendly greeting. It’s NOT checking for breath. Laying on a human (as you see here) is literally cat cuddling. Thats it. We have literal records of cats going out of their way to save the lives of children from various dangers, from fires, to dog attacks, to choking to death. Its very easy to look up. The only cases of cats eating their humans, have always been when their human died and it has been several days without the body being found. Amazingly this tends to line up with the cat not being fed and therefore STARVING. It’s also a common thing among most pet animals too? Like sorry, your dog will do it too. Hell, ever heard of the the Donner Party? Humans aren’t exempt. When faced with survival, you try and survive. STOP DEMONIZING CATS FOR BEING ANIMALS. (And I mean, all it takes is a quick google search to figure this out, but no lets spread misinformation about innocent animals?) If you actually truly believe cats are out to get you, and are cold and not affectionate, or whatever else people use to justify demonizing cats… You need to actually look up cat behavior. Your cat who ‘ignores’ you? More often than not is just respecting your space. Your cat who lashes out? Probably not feeling safe in their environment. Your cat brings you gross things? Trying to look after you. Cats aren’t dogs. They have a set way of communication, and while they can learn dofferent expressions of affection, it will always be less evident than with dogs (who are particularily malleable to human behavior.) This doesn’t mean they are any less loving or capable of bonds. All it takes is a quick google search to figure out why your cat does what they do. And literally, no cat intrinsically wants to eat babies. are you kidding me, cats are super protective of small children. they’ve been known to attack dogs, snakes, alligators and grown-ass men if they thought a child was in danger. a stray cat in russia saved an abandoned baby from hypothermia by cuddling him, alerted people to his presence and tried following the freaking ambulance that took him to the hospital. they are very sweet and patient with babies and there are tons of adorable videos out there to prove it. IF I EVER HEAR ANYONE TALKING SHIT ABOUT KITTIES I SWEAR “cats are not dogs” And there’s the rub. People have issues with cats because they’re mad they don’t act like dogs. They are a different animal and they relate and communicate differently. That doesn’t make them worse pets or evil or something. ^^^ Cats are good and pure creatures, dammit Actually true fun fact! Cats who live with humans see those humans as colonymates! Cat colonies communally raise kittens. So if a cat’s human has a baby, the cat considers themself an automatic co-parent. So as far as that cat is concerned, that baby is its baby too. That cat is cuddling with and doting on its kitten. Oh my god, that last fact is so fucking cute