My heart is the worst kind of weapon.

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sheisrecovering: Your abuser’s trauma does not justifiy them abusing you. Your abuser’s disability does not justify them abusing you. Your abuser’s gender does not justify them abusing you. Your abuser’s illness does not justify them abusing you. For everyone that needs to hear this: there is nothing you could ever do that’s punishable by abuse, and there is NOTHING anyone could ever say to justify the abuse you experience(d).
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jayspants: JohnDave Week Day 4: Alternative Timeline Alpha timeline Dave catching sight of a Godtier John like listen…… it’s so g o od okay you saw what you came to see now get outta here
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thedoublepp: Yo This is a “thank you for everything” A semicolon hovering where something once was menacing A “soon to be continued” that exists after the ending screen The only song I know that I would ever even wish to sing When heat is blistering, you’re the ice that’s glistening inside my cup of tea, which is also you–Interesting Atlas - Valentine
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