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yashanydoorn: galacticdragonboy: spacecold-penises: lukarts: ssorobo: vahllen: grizzlymom: gohth: skate and die. @lexiwuff These came from Braille Skateboarding’s Youtube Channel. They take whatever the fuck they can get, stick trucks and wheels on them, and try to skate with it. They’ve tried skating a skateboard made of concrete; A skateboard with a bunch of Hot Wheels cars instead of proper wheels; and a door; 4 STARS CHECK IT OUT now, I was expecting a lot of things but… I can safely say, I did NOT expect THAT. @hinaofficial @thattallonenerd oh i watch them sometimes, they are like the myth busters of skateboarding.
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xxsmokbeastxx: Lil poke babies of my bulbasaur and @jadesimagination ‘s wooper
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mossygator: When the party had done a lot of shenanigans and just realized there’s a literal baby in group
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rookon: Pick ur faves, tag urself, choose ur player, go wild This was for the twitter meme going around where you chose your starter from each generation by marking/circling them! I couldn’t find the blank and I had too much pride to go asking around so I drew them my self like an extra, stubborn fool (pensive emoji) it got more popular than I thought it would fsdf so I’m putting it here! Feel free to do whatever with them, just make sure to credit me or leave my signature there
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usurperss: usurperss: usurperss: july ‘19 vs september ‘19 so here’s a tiny tutorial about light reflections (i’m no expert though!!) the drawing made in july is lacking on light reflections the one done in september looks much better since i paid attention to them Also remember that the intensity of the lighting depends on the material on which it is reflected, eg. glass / metal / fabrics etc. Glossy surfaces reflect the lighting more than matte surfaces another example:
#helpful helpful helpful #cool #amazing art too :O