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comicgeekscomicgeek: boogiewoogiebuglegal: sweethoneysempai: gravyboot: redxluna: crewdlydrawn: rhianruari: prismatic-bell: buckie-and-steeb: oftaggrivated: zombikki: wolvesofinnistrad: jchelseaw: wolvesofinnistrad: jchelseaw: wolvesofinnistrad: bluandorange: all Bucky wanted to do was get some more tea and now this. Thanks a lot, Sam. You had to fuckin’ tell him, you ass. Aggressively Progressive Steve Rogers is so what I’m here for. STeve would unleash and be all “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WHOOPING COUGH SUCKS?! DO YOU?! DO YOU REALLY?! ARE YOU FUCKIN’ STUPID?! BUCKY, TELL THEM HOW I BROKE TWO RIBS! TELL THEM!” Omg, new headcanon, Beleaguered Bucky Barnes being grabbed by the shoulders and practically lifted into camera view by Steve shouting about how Bucky needs to confirm some terrible illness because no one else is alive form that time to corroborate any of Steve’s claims. Bucky shyly telling the reporters that yes, Steve did indeed have that thing adn yeah it is dangerous and Steve jumping back into frame like “I told you! I TOLD YOU IT SUCKED SHUT UP JENNY MCCARTHY!” “AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?! POLIO!” “Steve you never had fucking polio-” “YEA BUT IT STILL SUCKED! KNOW WHAT STOPPED IT?! VACCINES!” “Oh my God, Steve.” “I DIDN’T EVNENKNOW WHAT THAT SHOT WOULD DO TO ME BUT I TOOK IT!” “Steve, that’s… That’s not really a good argument.” “I DON’T CARE FOX NEWS NEEDS TO STOP USING MY IMAGE!” “Steve, doll, calm down.” “I VOTED FOR OBAMA!” I love everything about this post And all the while Sam is just laughing his fucking ass off and Bucky is wondering if he could just go take another nap for a few years. Okay but imagine the savvy pediatrician who shyly sends Steve a message at Avengers Tower. She loves his message. Loves it. Wants to know if she can give her vaccinated kids a sticker of the shield because she wants other parents to subtly get the message, and of course what kid doesn’t love Cap? She’s no graphic artist, but she got a picture of the shield off the Internet … … two weeks later, a box arrives at her office. It’s an order of shield stickers, very clearly actually produced by a graphic artist. Some of them sparkle, some are metallic, and some of them say “Protecting my friends by protecting me!” for the older kids who can appreciate the idiocy of the anti-vax movement. There’s also a hand-written note with Pepper’s personal address at Avengers Tower listed on it: Contact us when you need more. No charge. Keep fighting the good fight. They end up going on sale after the pediatrician’s colleagues see them and want to pass them out. Steve insists that any profit they might make should go to the March of Dimes. Tony and Pepper barely talk about it before they go “do you know how little it costs to produce stickers, Steve?” and decide to donate the entire sales cost. They’re not expensive to sell, either, but it adds up. Vaccination rate goes up. Being an anti-vaxxer stops being trendy and starts being seen as living in the dark ages. Steve Rogers, everyone. It got better. Much better. This started out great and *kept getting better*. The post I wanna reply to is gone, but it’s possible that Steve had polio and didn’t know it! Most cases are actually not severe/paralytic and many children recover completely, but post-polio syndrome could partly account for his trouble with muscle mass and easy fatigability years later. I will always repost this. Given when he grew up? Steve would absolutely tell you to vaccinate your kids.
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anonbeadraws: a personal comic about haircuts and being queer and not realising your body isn’t really yours until you buy a pair of hair clippers That’s my experience anyway ✨(commission info)(kofi)✨
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ace-spacepup: creepylurker: ukulelekatie: justcatposts: Hats made from their own fur Uptown cats They’re wearing furry little pointy hats wizards
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toosofttobutch: finally posting my art fight drawings! creator is @lunamoonmags on DA