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spooky-taiga: i would like to point out that not only will next year be twenty mineteen, it will also be Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary and i, for one, will be popping the FATTEST bottles o’ enchanting
Posted: 17.4 hours ago
homestuckss: Homestuck Secret Santa 2018 is here! There’s been a(n approved) change in staff for this year, and I’m excited to organize this year’s Secret Santa! So come join us, spread the word, and let’s get ready to spread the holiday cheer! SIGNUPS (end nov. 21) // FAQ & ABOUT // TIMELINE
#oh its open already? :0 #im doing this again!
Posted: 50.6 hours ago
floralmarsupial: @rosemarymonth day 2. fashionstuck Kanaya’s black and white dress is probably my fave of her custom ones?? and… I’m just saying…rose should have gotten at least one suit
#art #kanaya #rose
Posted: 63.9 hours ago
boykeats: hey gays, do you every just cry about the fact that charlotte brontë and ellen nussey were both deeply in love with each other but their love was thwarted by the active pressures of a heteronormative society? because i do (sources: x, x, x)
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solisen: an adult mallek commission idk what trolls wear when they’re conscripted but i know it’s some bullsh*t
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erysium: aw man, that finale 💘 here’s an old sketch! adventure time is one of those things that feels so perfect & complete already, that it’s hard for me to do fanart of.. gonna try to draw something a little bigger soon, though :’)
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