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bnhaconfessions: I hope people in this fandom realize that you liking a villain doesn’t mean you condone their actions. They’re a drawing, and you’re hating on real life people with feelings. Get over yourself those drawings aren’t hurting no one but your actions do.
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casanovakevin: i made these with my TOUCHPAD! savage.
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dailywonderduo: あぐさんに送ったスケブここにも載せとく😊 || artist: 雅軌(@masakix13) Permission to reprint this fanart was given by the artist ✓ Please remember to like/retweet the original to support the artist Do not repost, edit or remove the source. Commercial use is prohibited.
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raikiriart: It’s okay if you hate me, Shoto. 
I hate me too. 
This villain arc is feeding my Dabi Is A Todoroki Theory!! Sorry for the angst.