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linguini17: fredthursdays: Thursday squeezing film titles into his toast (à la Douglas Richardson) Roger Allam apparently came up with that toast on the spot. He’s a huge fan of Westerns, and when they realized they hadn’t written anything in the script to cover the opening of the scene, he ad libbed it.
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monanotlisa: rainnecassidy: arukou-arukou: lostinfandom: Best visual representation of functional depression I’ve ever seen. You go to work, do the things that people expect you to do, then come home and just… blank out. Microwave is your best friend. Cleaning makes no sense. Drinking helps a little, sometimes. Every evening is the same. Nothing ever changes except the amout of trash waiting to be thrown out. This is why I loved Fraction’s Barton. Clint’s very visible depression gave me a hook that I could suddenly relate to. I’ve been where Clint was. It sucked. But seeing Clint keep going kind of gave me hope. is… is that what that is? fuck, that explains everything There’s a million reasons to love Fraction’s Clint Barton, but the way he is visibly but quietly struggling with mental issues is one of them.
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baglieg: TIL the brostronauts of Apollo 10 called each other, and various guys at ground control, “babe” 297 times over the course of the mission.
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