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teal-rose-petals: june2734: carlathezombie: queensoucouyant: frantzfandom: convolutednormality: geniuzoneee: marvelgifs: Adapt to this LET ME JUST POINT OUT THE VARIOUS FLAWS OF LOGIC HERE. FIRST OF ALL DARWINS POWER IS TO LITERALLY ADAPT TO ANYTHING IN THE EFFING UNIVERSE. HIS POWERS DEEMED IT TOO DANGEROUS TO FIGHT THE HULK AND TELEPORTED HIM TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. HE ONCE BECAME PURE COSMIC EFFING ENERGY AND SHORTLY AFTER REMATERIALIZED AS A HUMAN BEING TO PREVENT HIS DEATH. DARWIN IS LITERALLY INEFFINGVINCIBLE. AND YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT A PATHETIC BALL OF KINETIC ENERGY FROM SEBASTIAN SHAW MERKS HIM?!?!?! THEY OBVIOUSLY ARE OUT TO KILL THE BLACK MAN IN THE PLOT AND LITERALLY WROTE THIS SCENE WITH NO REGARDS TO DARWINS POWERS WHATSOEVER AND ITS FRUSTRATING THAT THEY WOULD GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO KILL HIM OFF LIKE THAT I’m saying. Even in sci fi we ain’t safe in my headcanon darwin literally became a being of energy and ascended to another plain of existence so he doesn’t have to deal with anymore of this white nonsense i was SO tight about this bullshit Years later and I STILL get so mad about this they killed the one fucking x-man whose power is literally SURVIVAL. That’s his power. He can DO ANYTHING IT TAKES TO SURVIVE! Shaw says “adapt to this??” HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO. In addition to the above mentioned things he’s survived, when shot with a gun made to kill ANYTHING WITH A NERVOUS SYSTEM, he turned into a SPONGE, and then back again. Once, he touched a goddess of death. And to survive that, HE BECAME A DAMN DEATH GOD HIMSELF. AND YOU’RE TELLING ME HE CAN’T SURVIVE SOME FUCKING KINETIC ENERGY?? BULLSHIT I SAY. BULL FUCKING SHIT. This^ This pissed me off so much like fuck this.
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