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cephalopodvictorious: matt-the-blind-cinnamon-roll: psiioniic-miracles: scope-dogg: wokeapedia: unfitninjuh: cannibal-wiki: soon Nah, the ball pit’s pestilence. Someone peed in there War is Rainfurrest Famine is Szechwan Fever Death is Fyrefest Pestilence is Dashcon I think Rainfurrest would have to be pestilence. Sure, someone peed in the ballpit at Dashcon but at least nobody was plastering shitty diapers over people’s cars and drilling gloryholes in the bathrooms. Fyre Festival is definitely war, chaos and anguish on a foreign field definitely fits that bill. Szechuan fever is absolutely famine, that couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Dashcon is death, the way the event just shrivelled up and died to the point where all the headline guests just left and the staff were begging the patrons for money just fits too well. What in the everloving is rainfurrest what is rainfurrest Oh my sweet summer children, learn you some history
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