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benwarheit: Things I like about this decal on a restaurant window: -the insane orange waiter -that he’s carrying his plates in the air like a strongman -the couple looks like this isn’t the first time he’s done this, but it’s easier to just let it happen at this point. -the sign says PASTA as if he’s screaming it like a frankenstein -but he’s holding a plate of an entire chicken and a plate of wine glasses -there’s three wine glasses -one’s for him.
Posted: 14.5 hours ago
loumargi: Fantasia - Joan Brull i Vinyoles 1863-1912 Twilight Painting by Joan Brull i Vinyoles
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gianluc30: Street Artist Transforms Ordinary Public Places Into Funny Installations michael-pederson miguel-marquez
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bitchofnovember: gael-garcia: Ruth Negga as Hamlet Gate Theatre - Dublin, Ireland | 21 September - 27 October 2018 Honestly - is Ruth Negga actually perfect, or does is just seem that way?
#Ruth Negga #Shakespeare #Hamlet
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theterroramc: Aidan Monaghan’s studio portraits of The Terror cast - Part 1 (I’ll make a Part 2 if/when more are released!)
#The Terror AMC