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stillldreamingofyou: “The most important thing for me is to have my family by my side supporting me and to have that love. To me the most important thing is love because money comes and goes but love will last for a long time, for the rest of your life.” - Selena Quintanilla - Perez
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cirilee: some cleaned up doodles because i love them and they are bffs ;v;; EDIT: #mlm/wlw solidarity yes yes i approve of people tagging this !!!
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mimiadraws: I found this WAYY old fanart when cleaning up my desktop & did a redraw! Left is from 2011-ish, right is from today 🃏
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grantaire-put-that-bottle-down: alaskas-fault-was-in-her-stars: treely3256: da fuq? Being late is the most terrifying thing in the world when you’re a virgin because the only thing you think is “Oh my God, I’m the next Virgin Mary, call the Vatican” “I don’t want to be the next Virgin Mary I’m not even religious fuck this” literally every time
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sfplaystation: niggazinmoscow: The Louisiana Purchase is shaking be serious for a second, Rihanna and her foundation is trying to better children’s education through out the world. There has never been a celebrity/star this involved in charity of this scale. Not only does she lent her influence to the work or donate money to the foundation, she is actively making deals, changing policies with like countries and regions. She is actually way presidential than the current president, because she actually understand diplomacy and political currency. Her achievements are not about like building a new school building or buying school supplies. Her active involvement actually is about changing education systems and public welfare policies. And she is succeeding. She is in a league or her own. Everybody is like Oprah for president I’m here be like RiRi 2020.
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brownnesscrew: brownnesscrew: Hi everyone, Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou from Montreal has been missing since March 12, 2018. He went to visit his friend that lived a few blocks away from him, but his friend was not home. Ariel never came back home. Ariel is was last seen wearing a black coat with a hood, grey pants and yellow shoes. He is about four-foot-seven and 88 pounds. An amber alert was triggered on Tuesday but was lifted 24 hours after as the criteria to maintain it was no longer being met. As of today (March 16, 2018) Ariel still hasn’t been found. The police and many volunteers have been canvassing the streets to find him but they have had no luck. There’s also a surveillance video of Ariel walking by and turning around twice. His family believes he was kidnapped. Canadian/Quebec followers, if you have any information, please contact Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133 or call 911. Anything helps. In the meantime, a GoFundMe has been set up to help his family as they concentrate their efforts on the search of their son. Please donate if you can, or simply share within your network. On a personal, we are based in Canada and this story is all we can think about. We pray that Ariel is found. Still not found. Please keep sharing. (March 19, 2018)
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